Human Journey

There are two words to describe the human journey. I pick up the words from arabic. سفر (safr) that mean a trip and هجر (hijr) that mean move.

Let’s think, actually the human journey is move. Drop in a moment and move to another moment, without go back. Imposible thing if the moment at fifty years old back to twenty five years old. Each remembrance is neither same if repeated.

On the contrary, The human tendency is often just safr, tripping. And then want to return. The tendency really want to change, and it come back easily.

For a moment, we able to be better. But after that we could be back to bad things, anytime.

Only Guidance from the God which able to guide. And only repent trip which show for human to move on to God side.

ربنا لا تزغ قلوبنا بعد اذ هديتنا وهبلنا من لدنك انك انت الوهب

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